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For authors, I make the impossible possible.

Hey, Dr. Barbara here.
When everyone said, there aren’t any eye witnesses left, I found one.

When everyone said, you’ll never find any data about this 1880s farmer from Vermont called Wilson Bentley — I found the exact number of cows kept in his backyard. (It was 24.)

When everyone said, the museum is closed due to renovations, I found somebody I studied with — and he made it possible for my author to get in. (She could even touch the Ancient metalwork she desperately needed to see.)

For authors, I turn every stone, so that they receive the best research materials.

I’ll tell you why, and why I want the same for you.

Because if you have better research materials, then you can write a better novel.

But first, tell me if you’ve heard these questions.

“How much time did you spend at the setting of your historical novel?”
“Could you interview any eye witnesses?”
“How has this visit impacted your writing?”

We all know that these questions will arise.
You literary agent will ask them.
Your publisher will ask them.
The people attending your public readings will ask them.

If you want to write a great historical novel, you must see the setting with your own eyes.

And to be fair, research trips are certainly an enjoyable task in an author’s life ;)

Two weeks in Paris, anyone?

If only preparing them could be achieved faster…

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had interview partners lined up at your setting, when you arrive?

If original letters from your protagonist were waiting for you in an archive, and an expert would make time to explain all about them?

If you already knew there were eye witnesses still alive, and you could meet them and ask question about how it felt to be a prisoner at this German forced labourer camp in 1943?

If a museum expert would open the doors for you, especially, and would invite you to see sections of the museum that are normally closed to the public?

Let’s put it another way: By leaving the prep work of your research trip to the very last minute, how many vivid details are you missing out on?

How many interviews could you have conducted on site, if only you had reached out earlier? How many additional locations could you have found?
How many enticing stories from encounters in Iceland, Berlin, Paris, Tuscany, Greenland or {InsertYourLocation} could you tell during your press tour or public readings?
How many additional details for your promotion materials, Instagram Stories and photos, Facebook Lives, blog posts, press interviews… could you find and write about, in order to promote your book even better?

If you’re like most of the authors I have consulted with, going on a research trip is what you absolutely want to do. You have ideas where to travel and what to see. Also, whom to contact. But actually reaching out… sending this email… asking if the other person might help you… this seems like the hard part. (The one which gets postponed again and again … until your research trip is, like, STARTING NEXT WEEK!)

Good news.

Let’s prepare your research trip together!

1 Historical Advisor + 6 Live Workshops + 1 Private Session + 2 Intensive Co-working Sessions = 1 Personal Research Plan which helps you finally finding just the right people to interview, just the right historical spots to explore, so that you can write a better novel.

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

What’s missing from your preparation so far?

Before The Trip
Do you actually know what you’re searching for? Because: If you arrive at your location, “just to be inspired”, “to see where it takes me”, you are definitely missing out on countless opportunities and it might just overwhelm you. Later on, you might need to travel a 2nd or 3rd time there — just to get the information you need. Is that in your budget?
That might require something like a personal research plan, so that you will exactly know what to search for, so that you can find it.

So, you did identify whether you want to interview an expert (or an eye witness) on location. Or if you’d rather need a special tour guide — for example, somebody who specialises in World War II Berlin, who actually has the keys to a concrete bunker you want to visit?

If you don’t take the time to reach out to these people early enough, why should they help you? In short: if you don’t ask, you’ll never get a YES. Let’s team up and collaborate to write your request letters/emails now, so that you can get what seemed to be impossible. ;)

During The Trip
Do you have the systematic approach of documenting the setting of the novel, when you visit it? Is it logical? Structured? Sufficient? Or are you afraid you’re missing important details?

Once they learn the system I’ve created, more than 40 authors so far were surprised how quickly they could document a historical setting, thoroughly.

After The Trip
How confident are you that, back at home, you will actually f-i-n-d this particular photo you need when writing a particular scene? Will you find it among your 895 images, still stored on 5 different SD cards, or among the 344 additional (cough … well, unsorted) photos that you shot with your iPhone?

It’s time to learn how to sort all of those materials that you’ve gathered during your research trip. Once you learn my process, you’ll have solid skills to put to use over and over again, for every new research trip and when you’re back at your desk.

How can I make planning your research trip even easier for you?

By giving you the process I’ve used for my author clients that resulted in 126 historical novels so far.

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

This is me, Dr. Barbara Ellermeier. A historical advisor for authors …
… with a network of ~200 history experts on speed dial,
… with 20 years of organising research trips to historical sites for myself,
… and 5 years of preparing author field trips for writers who publish with Random House USA, Random House Germany, Hachette Australia, Harper Collins, Luebbe, Blanvalet, DroemerKnaur, Amazon Crossing or Little Brown UK.

And I am combining all of this experience to bring you a special two-weekend bootcamp — Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 22-24, 2019...

... Then again Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 29-31, 2019

We start in ...


If planning your next research trip, or reaching out to find these special people who will help you (like experts, museum staff) is still on your to-do list, and you’ll find yourself postponing it again and again, it’s time to attack this task during our bootcamp called PLAN YOUR RESEARCH TRIP.

I’ve helped authors to create research plans and trips to Germany, France, England, Scotland and other European destinations. But also to destinations further away such as Samoa, Greenland, Madeira or Madagascar. Doing this, I’ve identified the primary problems that are holding people back from making the most out of their field trip. And I am addressing them with 6 Live Workshops and over 40 helpful resources to save you time while preparing your trip — to save you hundreds of hours. Hours in which you could actually w-r-i-t-e instead of browsing the web.

Think of all the historical details you’re unable to discover right now. You might miss out on special occasions, not hear what an expert or eye witness has to say, and miss an opportunity to make your novel richer, denser with the right information.

Let’s make it possible.

Before we start: I want you to know, if I conduct research with you, I treat all your material and ideas as confidential, as is my policy was all my research clients.

Plan Your Research Trip — The Bootcamp For Authors

1 One-on-One Session with me, to get us started (60 mins)

3 Live Sessions | Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 22-24 of 2019

Then we pause for 5 implementation days. We meet again for …

3 Live Sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 29-31, 2019

Can’t make it live? You still get full access to the recordings of each session and resources below.

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

Session 1
Case Study: How To Research a WW2 Setting With Fantastic Results (But You Have To Make The Ask Beforehand!)

How to prepare, so that — on location — interviews partners will be waiting for you. Museum experts will show you objects which are normally hidden in the depot. And the local press is willing to help you, too. All of this is possible … if you ask.

We’ll identify your goals for visiting your location, and whom to interview. The price of this consultation by itself is normally $220. Why? Because you’ll get a full strategy for your entire research trip, and gain many ideas what to include (and what to leave out). Nailing this down means: You will save around 1-3 weeks of trial and error, and gain time where you can actually write.

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research
Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

Session 2
Distilling The Travel Plan For Your Research Trip

Let’s dream a little, shall we? Let’s dream big. Together, we write your plan.
Hotseat of 1-2 participants.

Decide and purge: Let’s narrow it down on which historical settings you actually need to see that — and what to leave out.
Includes: finding alternatives if your setting has vanished (no, not looking at old images).
Hotseat of 1-2 participants.

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research
Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research
Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

Session 3
Removing Objections: Let’s Make It Possible!

Yes, you can spend the money.
Yes, you can turn this into an extended family holiday (learn 6 ways how to stay sane while travelling with kids AND have enough time for your research).
Yes, you can leave your family for 4 entire weeks.

There, mama writer, I said it. I actually DID it, while I was on a Writer’s Residency in France… Let’s brainstorm ways to make it possible for you, too.

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research
Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research
Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

Session 4
When Is The Ideal Time To Actually Go On A Research Trip?

Because going too early means wasting money (and possibly paying to travel there for a 2nd or 3rd time! Is this in your budget?). And going too late means that you miss out on inspiration. It might be too late to change your entire plot, or rewrite 180 pages. It might be too late to incorporate all the historical details, additional locations, potential protagonists/sidekicks and background information that you’ll find. Let’s nail down the best time when to go on your author field trip.

Get Paid While Conducting Research (Yes, Totally Possible!)
How to get paid for conducting research on location. Learn about even more little-known, well-paid(!) ideas to make your trip possible.
Hotseats of participants.

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research
Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

Session 5
Documenting The Setting Of Your Novel, Part I

How to utilise mobile apps on location, so that you actually save time.

Documenting The Setting Of Your Novel, Part II

Receive the actual step-by-step method how I document a historical setting, if the author can’t see it with her own eyes, and I need to provide the material dossier for her. Learn how I document every nook and cranny in a historical mansion, castle, fortress or village — efficiently (hmm, I’m German!), well-structured and fast.

»Dear Barbara, I’m speechless. Really speechless. How did you do it? Your collection is a miracle, and I can’t believe that it didn’t take you months to find all those treasures in your research.«

Author, signed with Random House

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research
Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

Session 6
Back At Home: Sorting, Saving And Storing Your Research Materials

How to quickly decide which historical detail will make its way into your story — and what not. Learn my system which I developed over 15 years of collecting research materials for authors. Plus: How to stay sane while conquering those 859 digital photos on 5 different SD cards, and much more.
Q&A time.

So, other than the 6 live sessions, what will help you to get the best results from your research trip?

How about these 2 bonuses that I am offering for limited time:

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

Co-Working Sessions
I’ll add 2 targeted, 90 minute Co-working Sessions (with me, your personal historical advisor and fellow author colleagues) to spend focused time taking action on the live training content.

Together, we’ll draft different request letters to experts, ask for help at museums and archives, and search for eye witnesses to interview.

Because people want to help out, if you ask (and if you don’t rush them!).

Let’s create your research plan. And then, let’s work on turning it into reality. Let’s send out those request emails! Together.

Utilise my template letters/emails that actually got us results, so that you can write your requests in a short time.

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

Request Letter Templates That Were Successful
Receive 4 templates for reaching out, so that you can contact potential interview partners, experts, eye witnesses, journalists and the media etc. in a short time. They come as a digital version which you can copy, fill in and click “s-e-n-d”.

These bonuses are only available until the time of below expires, and they are not currently sold separately (but when they were, they were each $25 and $220).

So, the only way to get these letter templates, which will save you LOADS of time, is to join us in PLAN YOUR RESEARCH TRIP — The Bootcamp For Authors.

To recap, joining the bootcamp before the timer expires and the price increases gets you:

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research
Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

All of this is available for early bird pricing for just a little while longer.

6 Lessons and Coaching Sessions | Normally $749
2 Co-working Sessions | Normally $220
My 4 Template Request Letter Resource | $24

Normal Total: $973

But, we have this introductory pricing available for a limited time.



Is it worth 6 × 90 minutes of your workday and $299, to discover even 1 method of getting better results from your research trip… let alone my entire process I honed during 20 years of documenting historical sites, and 15 years of conducting research for 126 historical novels?

If you actually got better research materials on location, will you then ...
… write a better novel full of enticing details — more dense, more authentic, more gripping?

… will your literary agent and publisher be impressed, and give you another book contract?

… will your novel be sold to foreign publishers and be translated into other languages? Be turned into a film? Will you then make back your investment and then some?

… will your readers say “I was swept away into the past” and “I felt like I’ve been actually THERE”? #priceless

A mediocre historical novel brings you some bad Amazon reviews, and it might even cost you your spot with your publisher. It’s also a missed opportunity to capture the beauty of a historical setting, and to tell its hidden stories in a way that they’ll entertain and delight thousands of readers.


Instead of $973, you can now join us for $299 until the timer above expires.

Keep reading below for the details, and while doing so, you can meet me — your bootcamp host.

Who is it a good fit for?

You are an author who wants to write about the past. Such as historical novels, historical romance novels, thrillers or crime novels with a historical plot thread etc.

Biographies or other non-fiction books set in the past — the process I teach in the bootcamp also works for these as well!

The Bootcamp is for you if …

You are ready to explore the setting of your novel into travel and see your location.

You are willing to meet people who will tell you more about the historical events, protagonists and your setting. To access their knowledge and in order to write a better novel, you are willing to contact them and establish an (email) relationship with them.

You want to be well-prepared, when setting a foot on setting.

You want to make the most of your limited time on site.

You don’t want to waste any money.

You’re willing to put in some work, so that you can get the results you want.

Also, it’s for — looking at you, mama writer — authors who need to take care of their families, and feel they CAN’T take any time off — you can. We will make it possible. ;)

Who is it NOT for? It’s not for you if:

You don’t have an idea, plot or outline of a novel YET.

Your research trip isn’t happening until in 2-3 years.

You don’t plan to actually visit the setting of your novel, but just want to browse Google StreetView.

You are not willing to talk about your book project with me or the other author colleagues in our small, intimate group.

You are not willing to reach out to people at all, be it with a letter, phone or email.

Let’s break it down.

6 Lessons and Coaching Sessions | Normally $749
2 Co-working Sessions | Normally $220
My 4 Template Request Letter Resource | $24

Normal Total: $973

But, I have an introductory pricing available for a limited time.

Join our small group of authors for one payment of $299 before your bonuses expire and the price increases.

So, who’s your host during the author bootcamp?

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier, historical advisor for authors, research

Your bootcamp is being hosted by adopt a novel's founder, Dr. Barbara Ellermeier. She is a historical advisor for publishers, literary agents and authors. Behind the scenes, she has contributed to over 125 historical novels.

Barbara’s work has been featured in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Tagesspiegel and FOCUS. The leading German magazine for the publishing industry, BUCHMARKT, called her “the research expert”, while her author clients refer to Barbara as their “treasure finder”, “secret weapon” and occasionally even “my truffle hog”.

More stats? Dr. Barbara's research has been woven into 126 historical novels.

These historical novels have been published by Random House USA, Random House Germany, Lübbe, DroemerKnaur, Little Brown UK, AmazonCrossing, Hachette Australia, Hachette USA, and many more.

Having worked closely with authors for over 15 years, Barbara has intimate knowledge of every stage of the writing process. (Not telling you Dr B even wrote her 440-pages thesis on how to narrate history so that it’s more gripping. ;)

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier has travelled throughout Europe from Scotland to Sicily, from the Biscaya to Poland — exploring archaeological sites, museums, fortresses and castles. On the road, she documents and photographs original finds. These findings go into her carefully curated online bootcamps for authors.

Even if other say: It’s not possible.

Let’s dream up the best, most
intense research trip ever.

Then we start creating your research plan.

And we’ll make sure you’ll turn it into reality by taking action together.

Images: Manfred Riege

(C) Dr. Barbara Ellermeier 2019

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